Caring for Parents - December 2020

Caring for Parents - December 2020

Merry Christmas Caregivers!

However similar or different it may have been, I hope that you had a Christmas filled with love, joy, and even some laughter. 

In reflecting on the Christmas story, one sees that it is a story of caregiving. It abounds with acts of both giving and receiving care:

When Mary says ‘yes’ to bearing the Christ child, she promises to carry and care for this baby, whom she will raise.

Joseph’s care for Mary runs deep. First, in his plans to dismiss her quietly so that she experiences the least amount of shame. And then as he listens to the angel and doesn’t break off the engagement, instead staying with Mary and raising Jesus together.

Even though they have a questionable reputation, the shepherds do do their work of keeping the sheep in their charge. These men, who are often ignored and disrespected in their culture, are noticed by God, who sends the angels to care for them by bringing them the good news of Jesus’ birth. 

The Magi from the east come with gifts for the infant king.

In Jesus, God comes to us in need of care. God receives our care and our love, revealing to us a way to receive care. For it is much harder for us humans to receive care than to offer care. We worry about being a burden and in seeing ourselves as a burden, we can miss the love that surrounds us and shows up as care. This is true of the parents we care for and ourselves.

It is my prayer that you know yourself loved and cared for by God, who often chooses men and women to do that caring in His name, as you care for your parents.

Wishing you much health and joy in 2021.

In Christ’s peace,